New Day In America



Dr. Tim & Angie Todd


Dr. Perry Stone & Dr. Randy Valimont

The United States made a decision to overwhelmingly turn our back on a nonproductive, inadequate, spineless, and unrestrained government, and the vicious attack against our Christian foundational roots. America voted pro life and pro family for their children and grandchildren , and for the document of the US Constitution. As one who strongly urged the Church  of our Lord Jesus Christ to pray and put legs on their prayers by voting—and to do so for the above reasons, I am grateful for the strong stand the Church made.


Dutch Sheets-Christian leader and best selling author

83% of the church voted in the presidential election. More than any time I can remember, we the Church flexed our praying and voting muscle…and we who cling to our God and our guns amazed the world. I have never witnessed so many people praying for the outcome of an election. This was a miraculous act of God, without question. Praise God almighty!


Lou Ingle-The Call

However, I want to be crystal clear in saying that my faith is not in an individual or a political party; neither is my loyalty. There is no human being or human organization that can fix America. We know that there is not a political solution to America’s problems. Our problems are spiritual problems therefore they cannot be resolved by politics.


Alveda King-Niece to Dr. Martin Luther King

Certainly Donald Trump is not perfect and his abilities have bounds and limitations; his views are not always those that line up with the Word of God, nor do his deeds. But I, like so many Christian leaders, knew he was the better selection. And I believe God is already using him.

In order for me to even consider voting for an individual the starting point is that they must not be in favor of a woman’s right to choose to murder her child in the womb by way of abortion and they must not put their stamp of approval on homosexual behavior.


Cindy Jacobs-prayer warrior and best selling author

As you and I prayed during this election process, God was willing to give us mercy, not judgment. I will say though, Election Day was spiritually difficult. As Angie and I interceded and stood in faith, trusting that God was going to bring victory, it was emotional. On Election Day and on Inauguration Day, I wept, knowing that mercy had, truly, triumphed over judgment (James 2:13).

While I celebrate, however, I also realize there is still much work to do. Though it is appropriate to celebrate, we must remember this is only the start. Absolutely, it can be the fresh beginning we have so fervently anticipated, but it is still just that—the beginning. In every end there is also a beginning!

As for me, I plan to do my part to compel the Church not go back to sleep. I will continue to work tirelessly for the fullness of a great REVIVAL FIRE to sweep across America and around the world. Nothing else will embolden us to finish what has begun.


Todd Starnes-Fox News Commentator and best-selling author

And we must continue to pray for President Trump and our other government leaders. Prayer is the link, it is the nexus, between what is and what should be. It is rebellion against status quo. Praying is when human impotence and divine omnipotence intersect.

To the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ I say, THANK YOU for praying. You have made a spiritual impact on our nation.


Lou Sheldon, Traditional Family Values president

What an honor for Angie and I to attend the Inauguration and Inauguration Ball in Washington DC with some of America’s most prominent spiritual leaders. The celebration began on Thursday, January 19 with the theme, “Celebrating God’s Mercy.” – His mercy for America. God heard our prayers. This just shows what happens when God’s people stop and pray, asking the Lord to save America. This was truly a launch into a new season for America.

It was such an honor and privilege to be a part of the launching evening into a new government and really a new wineskin for America.

Dr. Tom Renfro-Was on his death bed with cancer. God healed him instantly!!!

The purpose of which, of course, was to celebrate the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States.

Many evangelicals, had an important hand in bringing about President Trump’s victory – with a lot of divine guidance. Now it’s up to the faith community to keep working for a more God-honoring country and culture.

God has given us a second chance and it’s really incumbent upon us to decide how we’re going to take this second chance – what we’re going to do with it.


dsc00368April 18-26 Angie and I will be ministering in Cuba with my 85 year old dad, Cecil Todd, and my brother, Cecil Todd. While we are there we will be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and distributing 10,000 Bibles to people of Cuba that have never had a Bible!!!

Cuba’s Department of Religious Affairs has approved the distribution of these 10,000 Bibles throughout Cuba!

Bibles have been so scarce in Cuba that some preachers have been preaching for years from a borrowed Bible! Most churches have had only one or two Bibles for the entire congregation! We now have the opportunity to change this by bringing Bibles to Cuba!

Think About It…

Bible distribution in Cuba was stopped in 1969. It just blows my mind to know that we now have this wide open door for Bible distribution and evangelism in Cuba. This is a miracle and God is performing it!!!


Here’s how it happened…

The Bible Commission of Cuba, a well respected liaison organization between Cuban churches and the Cuban government for over 60 years, has been used mightily of God to help open this vitally important door of Bible distribution and evangelism in Cuba. THE DEPARTMENT OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS for the Cuban government has officially approved this Bible distribution effort. What a miracle break through from God!

With tears of joy streaming down her cheeks this precious woman from Cuba told me personally, “My family has been praying for a Bible for 60 YEARS. God used you to answer our prayer. My mother didn’t live to see this day. She would be so happy.


The Cuban Bibles come packaged 20 to a case. Any size of a financial gift would be a tremendous help!

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Thank You For Praying And Obeying! I am believing God for 20 people or churches to prayerfully consider giving a gift of $1000. 

With God’s help, and with your help, we will make an eternal spiritual impact in the lives of thousands of people in Cuba!


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Sister Effird-her 87 year old husband came to one of our revivals in Culpeper VA and gave his life to the Lord on Mother’s Day in 2006. He faithfully served the Lord until he passed. It was a blessing to see her again as we preached in her home church, Culpeper Assembly of God in Culpeper VA, the Sunday following the Inauguration.

fullsizerender Dr. Tim & Angie Todd

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Claiming 2 Chronicles 20:17 for 2017 by Evangelist Tim Todd

2 Chronicles 20:1 says that a large crowd of enemy armies came to wage war against Jehoshaphat. Verse 3 says that Jehoshaphat was frightened and asked for the Lord’s help. He announced a fast throughout Judah and the people of Judah gathered to seek the Lord’s help.

Some one has said: “When you are at the end of your rope tie a knot and keep climbing. Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t give way, and don’t give out.” I love the gospel song entitled, “It ain’t over until God says it’s over” because it reminds me that in the Christian life we face many obstacles. And many things we run into we are forced to face things and we just don’t know what to do. We run into detours, dryness, dead locks, dead ends, and disasters—and for some of us it seems we do so on a regular basis. Many times that is the experience of our lives, and the need of our lives is to just find a way to get through these times of uncertainty. We can wait, we can wonder and wander, we can keep watch and keep worshipping, but still we don’t know for sure what to do.

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Have you ever felt this way? Maybe there’s someone reading this who says I have many things that I know I need to take care of but those things cost money that I don’t have and is actually way beyond my means and I just…don’t know what to do. Or maybe it’s that your son or daughter is living in sin and out of control. You are afraid that you’ll receive an alarming phone call that they’re in jail or worst yet even dead…and you just don’t know what to do.

If this is the case, let me tell you that we are not the first to be faced with this type of problem. We have here in our text a king by the name of Jehoshaphat who can tell us a thing or two about getting into a situation where you just don’t know what to do. Now, among God’s blessings, Jehoshaphat’s obedience and passion for God brought security for his kingdom. King Jehoshaphat was Judah’s fourth king after Solomon’s kingdom was divided. The Chronicler here is quick to tell us if kings were either good or bad as measured by their obedience to God. We are also told of their spiritual influence and effect on the nation.


In 2 Chronicles 17:3 & 4 we are told, “The Lord was with Jehoshaphat, who lived in the old way like his ancestor David. Jehoshaphat didn’t dedicate his life to serving other gods—the Baals. 4 Instead, he dedicated his life to his ancestor’s God and lived by God’s commands. Jehoshaphat did not do what Israel was doing.” This commendation is followed by a statement that God established his kingdom and blessed him with riches and honor (v.5). The king is given a supreme compliment, which says that Jehoshaphat “took great pride in the ways of the Lord and again removed the high places and the Asherim from Judah (v.6). King Jehoshaphat incorporated the law of God, that to obey became his passion and pride. The account goes on (vv. 8-9) to tell how Jehoshaphat sent officials (scribes perhaps) throughout Judah teaching “the book of the law of the Lord.”

Among the good kings of Judah, during this time in history there was no king godlier than Jehoshaphat. He was a good king and there was no doubt that he loved God and made sure that his people knew what it meant to be children of God.

But here is the sad part, when we get to chapter 18 verse (1), “Jehoshaphat was wealthy and honorable and became Ahab’s in-law.” That’s right, the good king Jehoshaphat made a great mistake, he aligned himself and all of Judah with one of the most evil kings in the entire Bible, Ahab. You remember him don’t you? The wicked Baal worshipper whose wife, Jezebel, tried to kill all the prophets of God (1Kg 18:13)!

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Jehoshaphat was a good king but he had human traits like the rest us. He allowed the spirit of pride, prestige, and power to take over and later on down the road the prophet Jehu confronted him with this question in 2 Chronicles 19:2, “Why do you help wicked people and love those who hate the Lord? The Lord’s anger is directed toward you because you have done this.”

This reminds me that there is a moral issue in America today, the perverted sin of homosexuality, that has reached the Supreme Court which is a spiritual issue and unfortunately there are Christians standing on both sides and this very same question can be asked. We need to remain obedient to God and not follow the world’s consensus.

Eventually King Jehoshaphat was restored, and when God restores us it doesn’t mean that life from that point will be a bed of roses. As long as there is a devil, there will always be a battle that has to be fought—but here in the text I believe God is reminding the king that the battle was not his, the battle belongs to God Himself. The allied army of the Moabites, Ammonites, and Edomites were invading Judah. You can’t tell me that King Jehoshaphat didn’t wonder a little bit about whether or not he was fully restored and this invasion was punishment for his previous indiscretion against God.


We are all like this I believe, when trouble comes our way we tend go back over a sin that we committed previously and conclude that it must be because of this sin that I’m going through what I’m through. But this is not necessarily true because sometimes God allows trouble to come into our lives to let us know or remind us that He really is the only answer to the trials and tribulations that we face. Sometimes God gives us a test, to see if we have really repented and to see if we really rely on Him and not on ourselves or someone or something else. And what better test than the test of being overwhelmed.

Have you ever been overwhelmed? What do you do when you’re overwhelmed? Do you run to Oprah on the OWN Network to see what she has to say about it? Do you get on Facebook and tell all your frenemies about you’re personal business and gamble with your reputation? Or do you just give up, give in, give way, and give out?

We can take a lesson from Jehoshaphat because the very first thing he decided to do was proclaim a fast. He gathered the people together for prayer, that’s right, he sought the Lord! He prayed a prayer that we ought to pray when trouble comes, O our God (because we’re in this leaky boat together) …we do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.

If only America were to pray this prayer right now, we wouldn’t be trying to redefine the institution of marriage after all these years. We would have God’s solution to allowing babies to be born instead of murdering them with abortion. If we were more concerned with GOD CONTROL than GUN CONTROL we would realize that without God we don’t know what we’re doing or what to do. That’s why David said, “the Lord is my Shepherd” because His is to lead and mine is to follow. It’s not hard, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, it’s as simple as can be—just follow the Lord and do good!


It turned out that all the king had to do was call on God. He didn’t have to go to the Supreme Court to acquire their collective opinions. He didn’t have watch the Oprah network or seek Dr. Phil’s advice. He didn’t have to go to social media or anything like that. All he had to do was call on God, the Creator of all things, big and small, and that was good enough.

God told King Jehoshaphat to stand still, stillness is a position but it also an attitude. At times, my life is anything but still. I could stand still (motionless) but standing still or sitting still is useless when all the while my mind is running back and forth. I believe that the Lord wants us to calm down and be patient, be still both physically and mentally. I can’t listen to Him and at the same time my mind is uneasy. We have to come the full realization that there are times when doing nothing is better than doing anything. Those are the times when only God can do what is needed. Jehoshaphat knew this secret. The king must have asked himself now what do we have, and said, “Well, all we have is God but the good news is, God is all we need” when we are dealing something that is overwhelming, God is always the answer.

In times of trouble, when you have done all that you can do—stand still and know that He is God. I claim 2 Chronicles 20:17 in 2017 for your life, “You won’t fight this battle. Instead, take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord for you, Judah and Jerusalem. Don’t be frightened or terrified. Tomorrow go out to face them. The Lord is with you.”

Please send me your prayer requests for the battles that you are facing and we will pray with you for the victory that is already yours! To give us your prayer requests email me here.
-Evangelist Tim Todd

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Christmas Greetings from Evangelist Tim Todd Family



“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone.” Galatians 9, 10a

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, Angie, myself and Revival Fires International would like to say a big thank you to all of you; our friends and Flame Partners in ministry.

You have been a great blessing to us and you have been used of God to inspire, encourage and support God’s work through this vital ministry. We would like to take this opportunity to reflect and share with you all of the exciting things that happened in 2016 and look forward to even more exciting things that are to come in 2017
if the Lord doesn’t return first!




We have been blessed to preach more than 200 services in 40 churches here in the United States resulting in hundreds of people being saved, filled with the Spirit, healed, delivered and SET ON FIRE FOR GOD!!! God alone knows the impact that these revival services have had in the lives of these people and in the church congregations. The Lord has many exciting revivals in store for the coming year as well. Some of the churches that we will be ministering in cannot afford to have special speakers come to their churches. Your financial support of Revival Fires helps us be able to go to these churches that are in desperate need of a move of God.


What an awesome move of the Holy Spirit took place during our Cuba for Jesus Crusade. We were honored to give away more than 20,000 full Bibles to people who have never had a Bible and witness thousands of people come to the Lord.

Bibles have been so scarce in Cuba that some preachers have been preaching for years from a borrowed Bible. Most churches have had only one or two Bibles for the entire congregation. We now have the opportunity to change this by providing Bibles for Cuba.

Cuba’s Department of Religious Affairs has approved the distribution of one million Bibles throughout Cuba! In addition, while we were ministering in Cuba, the Cuban Bible Commission president looked at our Truth for Youth Bible and said that all of the 1.4 million teenagers in Cuba need a copy of the Truth for Youth Bible.

Bible distribution in Cuba was stopped in 1969. It just blows my mind to know that we now have this wide open door for Bible distribution and evangelism in Cuba. This is a miracle and God is performing it! The Full Bibles cost our ministry only $5 each to print. Your financial giving helps us continue this important Kingdom project! Please pray for this work as we will be conducting evangelistic crusades in Cuba in 2017.

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In September we were privileged to preach the Gospel just outside of Melbourne Australia and see a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The altars were full in every service as people were giving their hearts to Christ and receiving victory in every way possible. We brought a lot of Truth for Youth Bibles and ran out of them in the very first service! Angie preached to a large group of ladies in a special service and prayed for, and ministered to them in a very special altar service.
We will be back in Australia to preach the Gospel again in September 2017. Please pray for these meeting! Australia is a very secular country and they are in desperate need of a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit.


So thankful for all of the young people that are giving their hearts to the Lord as a result of receiving the Truth for Youth Bible. We were so blessed to give away thousands of TFY Bibles this year during the National Truth for Youth Bible Week on American Family Radio and in revival services.
Let this bless you…
“While I was suspended from school for making a bomb threat a friend brought me The Truth For Youth® Bible.  The comics were so cool I just couldn’t stop reading them.  By the time I was finished I was hooked on Jesus.  I dedicated my life to Christ.  Thank you for your help.”
– Travis
Friends, the stories and testimonies from 2016 of young people being saved are many! We share them with you because without you, many of these testimonies would not have been possible. You have prayed for us, and many of you have financially supported Revival Fires and it’s ministries.
2017 will bring a massive harvest of souls and many great things for the Kingdom of God through Revival Fires International! We are praying that our God will bless you and your family as you serve Him and partner with us.
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Spirit of Israel BiblesIf you are you not already a monthly FLAME PARTNER with the ministry that God has called us to, prayerfully consider helping us reach millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you commit to a $30 a month or more partnership you will exclusively receive the Spirit of Israel Bible. This is a powerful new resource prepared to help you understand the prophetic and spiritual links between the US and Israel and the connection between Christianity and ancient Biblical traditions ($100 Value). 
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Thankful for America


founding-fathers-first-prayerMillions of Americans gather around a dining-room table with family members to celebrate Thanksgiving. By doing so we will recognize George Washington’s call in October 1789 to remember “a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed, by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many blessings of Almighty God.”
Since the first time the Pilgrims came to America, Thanksgiving has traditionally been a time to give thanks to the Lord for the blessings in one’s life, specifically the blessing of the harvest.
In spite of this tradition, President Obama has refused to thank God in any of his Thanksgiving speeches. I’m not at all surprised but it is very disappointing! It is as though he is on a mission to wipe God out of public life in America in every possible way.
We should be thankful for our Founding Fathers and that we live in a country that was founded on Biblical principles.
We should have a heart of deep gratitude that the Lord gave us an extraordinary group of men who put together a system for our country, which made us not only the freest, but the most prosperous and productive nation in the world. That’s why so many people want to come to America!
us-american-flag-waving_353535America is the only one of its kind and it is due to the incredible group of men who constructed our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and we hope we can live up to it and continue to profit by their wealth of wisdom and knowledge.
I believe that the liberal politicians in America are doing the best they can to undercut our Constitution. I think they really don’t believe America is an exceptional country that God has blessed more richly than any other nation in the world.
Not all Americans give thanks to God on Thanksgiving. In fact, not everybody respects the holiday. Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, wrote that Thanksgiving is a “white-supremacist holiday” that should be replaced with a “National Day of Atonement” for the “genocide” of Native Americans. This rewriting of American history is being spewed in many of our liberal Universities!
Recently, MSNBC host Ronan Farrow tweeted: “Thanksgiving: because genocide is a lot more festive 392 years after the fact.” I’m troubled that there are people who believe Thanksgiving should be a source of white guilt.
us-constitutionSt. Paul best described America’s liberal news media and politicians in Romans 1:22 when he said, “Thinking themselves to be wise they became as fools.”
I’m sorry if they think religion and belief in God is a white supremacist idea but God has always played a big role in American political and social life. Although God has richly blessed the nation, Americans still need to fight to hold onto those blessings.
We have a great deal to be thankful for, because we have the freest and the most prosperous country in the history of the world! As Christians we need to work harder to protect it and retain it and make sure that we hang on to the blessings that we were given when our Constitution was written.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year let’s remember to be thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy in our nation.

16″ X 20″ POSTER
Commemorative Edition 16X20 full color picture of the very ‘First Prayer in Congress’. Also the names of those in the picture and the picture history are included along with a copy of the actual prayer that was prayed by Rev. Duche. Yours for a donation of $25 or more to help Revival Fires proved Bibles for our troops defending America in the war on terror-or-to provide Truth for Youth Bibles for young people in America’s public schools.
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img_3211I have been proclaiming for the past several months that we are in the process of a national spiritual awakening. I have personally seen more hunger to ‘pursue the Lord intensely’ than ever before. And God has been answering the cry of His children for MORE of Him!
Fanned by a prompting of the Holy Ghost, we have been ratcheting up our efforts, as the flames of intercession are leading us to another Pentecost, a Great Spiritual Awakening. One of the most important prayer movements in the history of our nation has begun.
img_3115Though most estimates show at least $3 billion has been spent on the 2016 presidential election (some say it could be as much as $10 billion), don’t make the mistake of believing expensive campaigns will determine its outcome. God is allowing the actions–or lack thereof–of the Church to cast the deciding vote. Voting correctly at the polls is important, but humble hearts of repentance and passionate cries of prayer have the ultimate power to heal and restore America.
For several years now, I have known that young people would play a significant role in this process. Now is that time. Among ON FIRE FOR GOD young people in America God is raising up a GIDEON ARMY!
Prayer and repentance begins in the process of deliverance and transformation of a nation. But in the process, like with the children of Moses, the people cry out, God hears, God acknowledges and Exodus 2:23-24 says God heard, God remembered and then God authorized and decreed that the deliverance would begin. So He raised up a prophet by the name of Moses and He sends Moses over to be the deliverer, and he leads them to journey from Egypt to Canaan…to the Jordan River.
cuba-marking-bible-no-borderIt took their warfare and Joshua and the army to take them in. And just like in Gideon, the people cried out. In Judges the 6th chapter the people had cried out for deliverance. The enemy was coming to take everything they had. In Judges 6 they took their cattle, their crops, everything. After seven years, they finally cried out to God. I don’t know why it took them seven years to get desperate enough to cry out to God, but they finally did, and it says that the next thing that happened is that God sent a prophet. The prophet prophesied to them and said from the Lord, “Look, I’ve done all this deliverance for your forefathers but could not do it for you, because you never trusted Me. You have not looked to Me, you looked to your false gods and other things. Now return to Me. I’ll deliver you.”
preaching-ward-arThen God finds a man by the name of Gideon and raised him up. Then Gideon raises up an army and the army brings their deliverance and brings their transformation.
This is where we are right now. We must get the men, women of God in place to take back what the devil has stolen by helping us provide Truth for Youth Bibles for young people all across America. We are raising up an army of teenagers who are going on their school campuses giving the Word of God to their friends and going to war in the spirit realm and cutting off the principalities and powers that are motivating evil and directing young people.
img_4786We God’s people need to be the air force and make a no-fly zone over America’s public schools. The principalities and powers are what’s having a devastating impact on the thinking of evil men and the liberal politicians influencing the public school systems of our nation. It’s time for the army of the Lord to be activated into an offensive, aggressive warfare.
In Canaan there was constant battle for possessing and procuring God’s promises. Regardless of whether we have Democrats or Republicans in control of the White House, Senate and Supreme Court, the Church is going to become militant and aggressive in coming against the powers of Hell. God is raising up an army of influencers for the Kingdom.
We continue to cry out to God and make nation-rescuing appeals to heaven on behalf of the youth of our nation and provide Truth for Youth  Bibles for every young person in America.

single September evening, in Clayton, Australia, 16-year-old Jack Williams prayers were answered.



  • Providing Truth for Youth Bibles for young people across America. We have given away more than 2.5 million so far!!!
  • Providing Bibles for the people of Cuba. We plan to give away at least 1 million Truth for Youth Bibles to Cuban young people.dsc00437
  • Providing Bibles for our U.S. Troops defending America in the war on terror. Revival Fires has provided 250,000 thus far!
  • Overseas Evangelistic Crusades – We will be returning to Cuba and Australia in 2017 to distribute Bibles and bring in a harvest of souls!
Please send me your prayer requests so that I can pray with you for what ever needs you have.

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Revival Fires Around the World!




Iimg_4118n special Holy Ghost Revival Fires services the altars were filled and overflowing down all isles at CT Church in Houston TX where Don & Susan Nordin are pastors. Masses of people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as personal savior and many more received spiritual, physical, financial and emotional healing and breakthrough!!! Awesome move of the Holy Ghost!!!

We are experiencing the winds of revival blowing through America again. In thirty years of full time evangelism I have never seen such a hunger for God as I am seeing right now!!! What an awesome sight to see… thousands of young people and adults across America on their knees at the altar, weeping before God, accepting Jesus into their hearts and being filled with the Holy Ghost!!!


america-crossroadsThis is a prophetic message for the church. Jeremiah said, “Stand at the crossroads and see. Ask for the old paths where the good way is and walk in it. Then you will find peace for your souls.
In this message we will look at America, the old paths, where we came from. Where we are today and how we got there. How we can return to the old paths.
Our Price: Just $15
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In a single September evening, in Clayton, Australia, 16-year-old Jack Williams prayers were answered.

Standing in an Uprising revival service crowd of young people—in the midst of a move of God sweeping across the region—he watched eight of his friends repent of their sins and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Tears of joy filled his eyes and streamed down his face.

“I cried for hours and hours,” said Jack, a high school senior. “I had been praying for them for so long. Now I’m seeing so many chains being broken in their lives, and they’re praising God like they’ve been going to church for years.”

img_3676Testimonies like that have been surfacing on a regular basis—especially among youth—as revival rolls through Australia in a very secular society and where poverty and drug addiction have been strongholds for so long.

But Pastor Cedric Labrooy has been crying out to God for decades for authentic revival that would rescue the perishing and ignite a wave of repentance and renewal.

While Todd was in Australia they had an enormous amount of salvations in what is being called The Uprising hosted by Pastor Labrooy’s son, David Labrooy. Services started on September 8 at Clayton AOG in Clayton Australia and continued through September 11. God moved powerfully during each service drawing many young people and adults.

img_3746“This is a true awakening in young people, in families and in churches across America, Australia, Cuba and many other countries,” said Evangelist Tim Todd. “It’s not limited to just one group or one denomination. It’s taking place over entire regions, in about every subset that you could imagine.

Masses of people who have been completely dead in their sin have given their lives to Christ. I know a young lady in Arkansas who had backslid and not been to church in 13 years who has been affected. The Holy Spirit woke her up at 4 o’clock one morning and said, ‘I want your life. Surrender your life to Christ.’ She did, and there has been such a huge change in her.”

Even before the services began in Australia, there was already a steady outpouring of the Holy Ghost in people’s lives in Todd’s Revival Fires International Evangelistic Crusades.

In June of this year, in Santa Clara Cuba, young people gathered in Pastor Juan Carlos’ Church while Todd preached. Todd said he had sensed for months that God was leading him to preach in Cuba and that the direction was very clear for the Cuba Crusade to take place June 16-22. Thousands of young people and adults gave their hearts to Christ! Todd was given the approval from the president of the Cuban Bible Commission to give Truth for Youth Bibles to teens across the entire country of Cuba!!! This is a miracle!!!
“When God tells you to move, you’ve got to move,” Todd said. “As Christians, if we could all be more bold and just step out in faith, I believe revival would break out!”

img_3739In one service in Australia Todd preached for only a few minutes from the Book of Nehemiah about the importance of having walls in our lives to protect us from the attacks of the enemy. He said, “We are going to build a wall and make the devil pay for it!” Todd gave an “altar call” and around 100 students accepted Christ.

“That was the talk of all the local high schools and churches,” Todd said. “People were so encouraged they began crying out for the same kind of hungry heart that these young people have.”

Todd held nothing back, challenging Christian students to witness to their classmates and inviting unbelievers to come to Jesus, resulting in tremendous salvation responses. The popular Truth for Youth Bible was given to every young person attending these powerful meetings.

Todd also spoke bluntly about what the Bible teaches about homosexuality and gender identity.

“It was unlike anything we’d ever experienced before,” said Pastor David Labrooy. “You could tell the words he was speaking really connected with everybody in the crowd.”

Todd’s messages that week eventually drew the attention of the liberal Australian News Media which wrote uncomplimentary articles claiming Todd’s stand against homosexuality was hurtful to children who are struggling with their sexual identity.

img_3768“I believe the majority of our school has been moved and touched by God as a result of what has happened to these young peoples lives in the Tim Todd Revival,” Haley Johnson said. “Other kids don’t bash you for going to things like revival services anymore. It’s the cool thing to do now. Last year, there were fights and hating on each other, wanting to get into bad things. Now all you hear is ‘Let’s go to revival’ or ‘Let’s read our Truth for Youth Bibles.’”

Todd said, “This generation is so desperate and broken. They are hungry for truth. My personal opinion is that many have not known the truth about God and what happens after they die. But when they hear the truth, it resonates with what He already has put inside of them.”

Tim’s wife, Angie Todd, also ministered effectively in Australia as she shared with a large ladies group connected to the hosting church. The altars were full as Angie laid hands on, and prayed for, all of the ladies at the meeting.

img_3815Local believers are praying that the revival will spread throughout the entire country of Australia and all over the world—with one important caveat.

“We fear the Lord and don’t want this to become a novelty,” Pastor Labrooy said. “We’re trying to stay out of the limelight. Only God gets the glory.”

God moved so powerfully that Tim and Angie were invited to come back to Australia next year in September.





 Every soldier going into battle needs equipment: a uniform, helmet, gun, communication device, dog tags. But Christian teenagers, soldiers in our public schools also need spiritual equipment, Truth for Youth Bibles to give to their unsaved classmates that don’t have a Bible.

tfy-copyRevival Fires launched a national campaign to give Truth for Youth Bibles to young people across America that will commit to give them to their friends in school. 2.5 MILLION HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN AWAY!!! These Truth for Youth Bibles are specially designed for teenagers and contain the entire New Testament in the GOD’S WORD Translation, powerful, full color, comic stories that deal with issues affecting youth, Bible reading guides, links to online Scripture resources, detailed instructions about how to pray, read your Bible, lead friends to the Lord, and many other helps.

tfy-book-5Right now the demand for Truth for Youth Bibles is great, but most of the young people don’t have a budget to purchase them. That’s why Revival Fires is committed to providing Truth for Youth Bibles and Bible study materials free of charge to all youth who request them. WE NEVER TURN DOWN A REQUEST FROM A YOUNG PERSON NEEDING A BIBLE!

Youth Pastor Eric Johnson recalled a time when his youth group faced a spectacular opportunity to give Bibles to an entire middle school in Dallas, TX. He contacted Revival Fires for Truth for Youth Bibles to distribute to his youth group, and the materials arrived almost immediately. Soon, he was placing the Truth for Youth Bibles in the hands of teenagers who were thankful to have the Word of God. This distribution resulted in the salvation of many young people.

tfy-24It only costs $2 to put a Truth for Youth Bible in the hands of a young person. Help provide Truth for Youth Bibles to America’s teenagers by giving with the form in this newsletter, or by calling 1.800.RF.FIRES (733.4737), or by visiting today.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, Revival Fires International has been engaging young people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 30 years.





img_2987Since 1969, the Castro regime has banned Bible distribution in Cuba. But now, under an experimental program in the island nation, the Communist government has lifted the ban, creating new avenues to feed millions hungry for the Word.

img_2936Revival Fires is hard at work printing and distributing the Bibles to the Cuban people, many are wondering what might come from this drastic change in policies. I can answer that question after witnessing first hand the revival taking place in Cuba…The floodgates of spiritual blessing and revival are bursting forth!!!

God is more than capable of working a miracle in Cuba. The fact that millions of Cubans will now have free access to Bibles for the first time in nearly 50 years is proof enough that He’s already on the job.


Take America Back!


As we have just celebrated the birth of America I am so excited to let you know what God accomplished in our Gospel Crusade and Bible distribution efforts in the Communist country of Cuba. With all the bad news coming out of Washington, D.C., and the assault on America’s religious freedoms, it’s good to get some good news. Never has there been a greater time to spread the gospel in Cuba nor a time when people are more responsive.

IMG_3133June 16-22 we were honored and privileged to give thousands of Bibles away to Cuban people in seven different regions and witness a mass of people give their hearts to the Lord. (Government officials attended all of our services to make sure we didn’t cross the line.)

A revival fire is taking place in the country of Cuba. We witnessed massive spiritual fruit born from a dry, thirsty land. It is only the hand of God who can cause such a response. The prayers and contributions from Christians across the U.S. have made this open door in Cuba increasingly possible. More evangelistic gospel crusades and Bible distributions are being planned.

IMG_2729Years ago, Cuban government officials met with church leaders to ask if the large “religious” gatherings could be held in homes. It’s amazing, the communist regime bent on opposing the gospel, actually authorized home cell groups. Today there are 3,000 cell groups across the 800-mile-long island and 900 church buildings or “templos,” as they say in Spanish.

In 1962, about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, many Cuban exiles moved to America because of the persecution that happened there. Today we are honored to be able to go back and minister to many of their relatives and give them Bibles.

It’s exciting to be a part what God is doing in that island nation and to be reminded that even with the worst government opposition possible–the communist regime-the gospel can be spread, Bibles can be given away, and churches can grow.

The doors are still “WIDE-OPEN” in Cuba to publicly distribute Bibles….We must RUN, (Not walk!), through this open door…ONE MILLION BIBLES have been approved for distribution by the Cuban Government! Thus far 400,000 have been distributed…BUT WE STILL NEED HELP ON THE REMAINING 600,000 BIBLE THAT HAVE BEEN APPROVED!!!

Cuba 1This precious weeping woman is one of the thousands of Cuban people we were able to provide their very first Bible for. With tears streaming down her cheeks she said, “Brother Todd, my family has been praying for more than 60 years that we would be able to receive a Bible. This is the answer to the prayers we have been praying. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” What an awesome opportunity for SUM student Blake Edwards, my brother Cecil, my wife Angie, and I to have.

At least 5 million people in Cuba are without a Bible. Most of them have never held a Bible in their hands! Please pray we can provide the remaining 600,000 Bibles that have already been approved. Knowing the Castro’s as we all do…this door could close at any time – with little or no notice. Would you join us in this urgent Bible effort? Thank you.

Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy to see a massive harvest of souls getting saved while conducting our evangelistic crusade services in Cuba.

IMG_2644This popular and anointed “a Capella” Cuban Gospel group sang as we gave Bibles to everyone in attendance.

IMG_3232In our final service this man gave his heart to the Lord, received his very first Bible and was instantly healed!!! He had lived with excruciating back pain for 25 years and had two unsuccessful back surgeries. BUT GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Now his name is written in the Lambs Book of Life in blood red, he has his very own Bible, and he is completely healed!!!


by Angie Todd

Perhaps one of the most precious things that happened during our Cuban mission crusade involved a child of one of the coordinating pastors for our meeting. Pastor Juan Carlos’ daughter Kelly is a precious 19 year old young lady sold out for God. As a result of some tragic things that have taken place in their family she has experienced a tremendous amount of emotional pain.

When we met, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart & said “she is going to offer to fix your hair.” The Lord had already shown Tim & I that we needed to leave most of our personal belongings that we brought with us to bless the Cuban people, (suitcases & everything in them, clothes, toiletries, shoes, suits, etc.) When I met Kelly the Lord also instructed me to give her my nice Nike tennis shoes, purse, wallet, sunglasses, perfume, makeup bag, that I had not intended on leaving. I was hoping & praying that she was my same shoe size, so I tried on a pair of her shoes & we are the exact same size. I told her that before we leave I planned to give her all my things.

DSC00509She came back later and said that she wanted to fix my hair in appreciation (just like the Lord had told me.) She spoke very little English so we communicated through her dad. What I thought would take 30 minutes or so turned into about 2.5 precious hours. She motioned for me to lean my head over as she so gently began washing my hair, then she dipped water from a bucket & rinsed it as she was washing my hair.

The Lord told me that this is how the disciples felt when he washed their feet. I wept while she washed and fixed my hair. She didn’t have much to give so she fixed my hair. This gift meant more to me probably than any earthly material possession I have ever received. I told her all that the Lord had shown me. We wept and hugged.

I told her that she was the hands and feet of Jesus. She told me that she was so embarrassed, humbled and blessed by my gift that she wanted to bless me back. She thought it was in a very small way compared to mine. But it was BIG to me!

On the last night of the Gospel Crusade she gave me a letter with a beautiful diamond ring inside. I showed it to her dad and he said that the ring was her most precious possession. You see, when she was born Pastor Juan started saving for her Quinceanera, (a huge Spanish celebration for 15 year old girls). That beautiful ring was his gift to her for that. Wow, what I gave her was not really a sacrifice but what she gave me was the biggest sacrifice she could have given. She really was the hands & feet of Jesus.

IMG_3283When we returned home I fell into bed after telling my kids all about the trip and took my rings off like I normally do but in the middle of the night I had to put Kelly’s ring back on. I will never take it off. What she did is very dear to my heart and I will always hold her up in my prayers. Please pray for Kelly, pray for the Cuban people, and pray for us as we share Jesus with them.

Forward this Cuba Revival Report to others, and as you feel led to respond to the need, you can make your Bibles for Cuba donation by clicking here.


“And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” – Romans 13:11

The question is, “To take America back from whom?” To take America back from the ‘liberal media’ who labels anybody who says anything good about God or anything good about traditional family values as being a religious fanatic.

To take America back from the ‘hard core pornographers’ whose pictures of men raping six year old girls are nothing more than a training manual for child molesters. In the United States of America there are more hard core pornography shops than there are McDonald’s.

At least one woman in America will be raped every 46 seconds. The United States Justice Department said that one out of three girls and one out of seven boys will be sexually molested by the age of 18. These child molesters are driven by pornography. The child molester will molest an average of 380 children before they are stopped.

To take America back from the ‘gay rights activist’ who with the help of President Barak Obama and many other liberal politicians and judges are doing everything they can on a federal level to give homosexuals the ability to marry, file joint tax returns and adopt children. And will force our public school systems to transform their curriculum to present homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. This has already happened in several states and is now happening on a federal level.

For the first time in the history of America we have a president who has publicly put his stamp of approval on gay marriage. I’m not judging. The Bible does all the judging. If you want to know what God thinks about homosexuality then look at his urban renewal development plan in Sodom and Gomorrah.

This is a call to arms to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ and the army of the living God to put on the whole armor of God: to stand up for Jesus, to stand up for traditional family values, to stand up for the God of our Fathers, to stand up and witness and win in a godless society. To take America back, one heart at a time, one home at a time, one city at a time and let this nation see us standing for God. Free and independent and saturated with the holiness of King Jesus!

To take America back from the ‘welfare state’ who rewards people that won’t work and takes money away from people who do work. The Bible says, ‘He who does not work shall not eat.” I’m for chiseling that over the door post of the Health Education and Welfare Department in Washington DC.

NEWT_GINGRICH_PICTUREWe need to support schools and students that are willing to stand up for God on their school campus. In a public school outside of Houston TX two sisters were stopped by a teacher as they entered school with their Truth for Youth Bibles. Teacher said, “Bibles are trash and don’t belong in school.” The students parents were called and told that they needed to be at school to get daughters within 15 minutes or Child Protective Services would be called. When parents arrived they found out their girls were in trouble, not for guns, drugs, sex or alcohol, but for carrying a Bible!

Liberty Counsel represented the sisters, won the case and as a part of the settlement the school agreed to purchase 1000 TFY Bibles and give them to the two sisters and allow them to give them to the students as they entered the school. It is time to take our schools back for God!

It is time for the good people of America to rise up and for there to be a second revolution. What is wrong with education that is pro-choice? That seems to be a popular word these days. Why not give parents a redeemable voucher and let them choose to send their children to public, private, Christian, charter or home school? It is so full of common sense that the legislatures in Washington DC will never get it.

To take America back from the ‘historical revisionists’. For those of you who still read something other than the National Enquirer you know that there are historical revisionists in our nation who are trashing America’s heroes and lifting up evil men as moral examples. Everyone from Christopher Columbus to George Washington to our Founding Forefathers are being portrayed by a select group in the media as being greedy, corrupt capitalists, racist and agnostic.

The-first-prayer-in-congress-september-1774That is wrong! These were men who prayed, they loved God, they loved their family! We need to stop allowing people to trash America’s heroes in the media. We need to return to the God of our Fathers, return to integrity, return to holiness without which no man shall see the Lord, return to the principles of God’s Word, return to trust in God and family. So shall this nation be established again upon Christ the solid rock!!!

Return America back to what? Back to the basics, back to the traditional family values, back to the way, the truth and the life, back to the living water, back to the bread of life, back to the rock. I’m not talking about Prudential. I’m talking about the solid rock, Christ Jesus. I’m talking about the cornerstone, precious and elect in Zion. I’m talking about the rock of ages, our Lord and Savior. Back to the blood of the cross, back to the Gospel of repentance. Not where your sins are brought before a hip counselor who says, I’m okay and you’re okay. But your sins are brought to the cross of Calvary and you are washed in the blood of Jesus! Back to holiness without which no man shall see the Lord, back to the God of our fathers. Let’s go back to this, it really works!

georgewashington1The Bible says that the wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God. It is time for God’s people to rise up with the power of the Holy Ghost and take America back!
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Christian Mother’s Love and Prayers

My precious wife, Angie, and the godly mother to our four children.

My precious wife, Angie, and the godly mother to our four children.

Paul said to Timothy, “I’m reminded of how sincere your faith is.  That faith first lived in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice.  I’m convinced that it also lives in you,” 2 Timothy 1:5.  Paul was saying, “Timothy, the good that you have, I saw it in your grandmother, then I saw it in your mother, and now I see it in you.”  I am convinced that godly, saintly, praying, loving mothers and grandmothers do more to determine the destiny of a child in the home than anyone else.  A praying mother is to be treasured.

 A Christian mother’s love and prayers are a constant reminder before every lost son, every lost daughter and every lost grandchild.  A godly mother is to be treasured.  My mom, Barbara Joann Todd, is a godly woman.  Perhaps there are many of you whom your mother has passed away.  You have laid her to rest.  You will meet her on the other shore if she was saved and you are saved.  But our mothers’ prayers follow us.  Our mothers’ prayers are our strength.
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom,Barbara Todd.

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom, Barbara Todd.

A mighty move of God is taking place in the lives of everybody attending our revival services!

A mighty move of God is taking place in the lives of everybody attending our revival services!

I thank God for my praying mom.  Many of you have praying mothers; mothers who know how to get through to God.  Mothers who know how to weep, to moan and to wail tears that get through to heaven.  God hears a mother’s prayers; it has been a mother’s prayers that has touched God and changed the lives of so many children.

I have such an appreciation for my own mom. She reminds me that while I was growing up she prayed for me more than any of us five children. Not because she favored me, she didn’t, but because I needed it the most as a result of my poor decision making as a teen.

You see, some tragic things took place in our family when I was a teenager.  The devil tore our family apart.  As a result, I rebelled and turned my back on God.  I was so deeply involved in sin that there were times I really believed that God couldn’t save me anymore.  That I had gone too far and done too much.

At one point, I sat in the floor of an empty house with a loaded 45 contemplating my sordid trash heap of a life.  I thought, “How did it all come to this?” I had lost everything!  It started with the little sins that seemed harmless and then gradually and progressively got worse:  anger, bitterness, inability to forgive, sexual promiscuity, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.  They all left me empty.   Everything that I thought was important…was gone.

One of many receiving instantaneous healing in one of our Holy Ghost Revivals!

One of many receiving instantaneous healing in one of our Holy Ghost Revivals!

Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert is a wonderful man of God standing up for righteousness in our nation! He recently attended one of our revivals in his home church in Conway AR.

Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert is a wonderful man of God standing up for righteousness in our nation! He recently attended one of our revivals in his home church in Conway AR.

With the assistance of the devil I convinced myself that I needed to take my life.  I put a gun to my head and cocked the hammer back; I put it under my chin.  Out loud I said, “God, if you’re listening to me I need your help.” Immediately, the phone rang!  It was my mom. She said, “Tim, the Lord laid you on my heart real strong today.  Are you okay?”  I said, “Mom, I’m not okay. I want to come home.”  It was my mom’s love and prayers and her phone call on that day that saved me from an eternal hell.  Without a doubt, I would not be here today serving God and preaching His Word if it weren’t for my godly, faithful, praying mom.

One of these days I’m going to do what some of you have already done.  If the Lord doesn’t return first, I’m going to lay my mom to rest and we’re going to have her funeral.  I dread that day.  Not because I fear where she’s going.Without question she is going to heaven.  I dread that day because it will be the tremendous loss of someone who means so much to me, who has sacrificed so much, who has loved so much.  She constantly reminds me that there is not a day that goes by but what she is lifting me up in her prayer time.
But one of these days we’re going to have a memorial service for my mom.  We’re going to walk by her shiny casket and look into the face of the one who toiled so tirelessly to raise me and my siblings. With my dad traveling extensively mom did a tremendous job tending to the needs of me, my younger brother, my older brother and two older sisters. If the Lord returns first, the day will come when the funeral train will go out to the cemetery where there will be a deep hole, a cavity in the earth.  They are going to lower that shiny casket into the earth, pile the dirt on and cover it up with beautiful flowers.  There will be a lot of weeping, a lot of crying when my mom goes home, when she is promoted to glory.
25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MAY 31 After 25 years of wonderful marriage I love Angie more than ever before. Angie is a precious woman of God and she is my very best friend!

After 25 years of wonderful marriage I love Angie more than ever before. Angie is a precious woman of God and she is my very best friend!

Thousands of precious people are being saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered and set on fire for God in our revival services and evangelistic crusades!

Thousands of precious people are being saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered and set on fire for God in our revival services and evangelistic crusades!

Let me tell you something, they may bury my mother and yours.  They may put them in a shiny casket and bury them in the cold ground in the cemetery where the rain, the wind and the snow will cover their earthly bodies.  But one thing they are not going to do.  They are not going to bury our mothers’ prayers.  They are not going to bury our mothers’ love.  They may bury your mother and mine but their prayers and love are going to stay alive.  Their prayers are going to go on reaching out to sons and daughters and grandchildren, reaching out to you and to me.  Mothers’ prayers are going to stay alive.  Our mothers may go but not their love and not their prayers. They are still alive.  Our mothers’ love cannot be buried in a cemetery.  Her prayers cannot be locked in a casket.

As a result of my mom’s dedication to pour Jesus into our family all five of us kids are now faithfully serving the Lord! I’m probably more spiritual than the rest but that is only to be expected. Just kidding. Seriously, my younger brother Cecil Wayne pastors Lakewood Church in Branson West, MO. Jon has a very successful God Centered business and is faithfully serving God. My sister Gail works full time for dad’s ministry in Branson, MO and has a beautifully anointed voice. My sister Janet and her husband pastor in Klamath Falls, OR. Five out of five of my mom’s children are serving God, I believe, as a direct result of my mom’s godly example, love and prayers.
So then, when God gave us mothers’ who love Him and serve Him, He gave us one of the most precious gifts.  This Mother’s Day, and every day, I am so thankful for my mom, Barbara Joann Todd, that I have the deepest appreciation for and love so much.

Revival Fires are burning bright across America and around the world in each of our revival services.


Real Revival Fire must begin with a great revival of prayer. It is in the closet, with the door shut, that the sound of abundance of rain will first be heard. An increase of secret prayer with ministers and lay people will be the sure harbinger of a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost.


During true revival, lost people are suddenly swept into the Kingdom of God. Scenes of the lost coming to the Savior in great, and unprecedented numbers, are common. Thank God for what God is accomplishing in our revival services.

PIC 10

Revival is not just an emotional touch; it’s a complete takeover! We are witnessing God take over the lives of those in our services who are allowing Jesus to become the Lord of their life on the throne of their heart.

Order the TRUTH FOR YOUTH New Testament and help us reach a generation of America's teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Only $3 each or at OUR COST for only $2 each when you order a case or more. To place an order click here.

Order the TRUTH FOR YOUTH New Testament and help us reach a generation of America’s teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Only $3 each or at OUR COST for only $2 each when you order a case or more. To place an order click here.