We are prayerfully preparing for the 14th Annual National Truth for Youth Bible Week on American Family Radio that will take place Monday, August 4 through Friday, August 8, 2014. I’m happy to report that we have now given away more than 1.6 million TFY Bibles from its conception! We have received more than 25,000 decision coupons from young people who have been saved for the very first time through this vital project!!! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS SAVING GRACE!!!

During last years campaign we distributed more than 42,700 TFY Bibles that resulted in receiving more than 2,700 decision coupons from youth giving their hearts to Jesus Christ for the very first time!!! Our goal for this year’s campaign is to give away more than 60,000 TFY Bibles and win 2000 teens to Christ! The Bibles will be given to young people who commit to give them to someone in their school that is not serving the Lord.

From the very year America kicked God out of our public schools our nation has become number one in the world in violent crime, illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, illegal drugs, and the divorce rate. It can all be accurately traced back to the very year we removed the Bible from our schools in 1963. This is why we target young people in our schools with the Truth for Youth.

This vital campaign is very effectively getting the Word of God back in America’s public schools, making soul winners out of the youth giving the TFY Bibles away, and most importantly, winning many young people to the Lord who receive the Bibles!!!

It is my strong desire to reach this generation of young people with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! And God has given me this powerful and effective tool to do it with, the Truth for Youth Bible!

American Family Radio president, Tim Wildmon and his wonderful team, will feature the distribution of the Truth for Youth Bible on their more than 200 American Family Radio Network stations across America with a listening audience of more than 10.5 million people. American Family Radio provides the ‘radio time’ and it is up to me to print and provide the Bibles.

This effective tool will help make our Christian youth more effective soul winners, exercise their religious freedoms on public school campus and win many young people to Christ again this year. We can make this happen to God’s Glory!

Settin’ Fires for Jesus,
Till He comes,
Evangelist Tim Todd
President/Executive Director
Revival Fires International
II Tim. 2:2