Take America Back!


As we have just celebrated the birth of America I am so excited to let you know what God accomplished in our Gospel Crusade and Bible distribution efforts in the Communist country of Cuba. With all the bad news coming out of Washington, D.C., and the assault on America’s religious freedoms, it’s good to get some good news. Never has there been a greater time to spread the gospel in Cuba nor a time when people are more responsive.

IMG_3133June 16-22 we were honored and privileged to give thousands of Bibles away to Cuban people in seven different regions and witness a mass of people give their hearts to the Lord. (Government officials attended all of our services to make sure we didn’t cross the line.)

A revival fire is taking place in the country of Cuba. We witnessed massive spiritual fruit born from a dry, thirsty land. It is only the hand of God who can cause such a response. The prayers and contributions from Christians across the U.S. have made this open door in Cuba increasingly possible. More evangelistic gospel crusades and Bible distributions are being planned.

IMG_2729Years ago, Cuban government officials met with church leaders to ask if the large “religious” gatherings could be held in homes. It’s amazing, the communist regime bent on opposing the gospel, actually authorized home cell groups. Today there are 3,000 cell groups across the 800-mile-long island and 900 church buildings or “templos,” as they say in Spanish.

In 1962, about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, many Cuban exiles moved to America because of the persecution that happened there. Today we are honored to be able to go back and minister to many of their relatives and give them Bibles.

It’s exciting to be a part what God is doing in that island nation and to be reminded that even with the worst government opposition possible–the communist regime-the gospel can be spread, Bibles can be given away, and churches can grow.

The doors are still “WIDE-OPEN” in Cuba to publicly distribute Bibles….We must RUN, (Not walk!), through this open door…ONE MILLION BIBLES have been approved for distribution by the Cuban Government! Thus far 400,000 have been distributed…BUT WE STILL NEED HELP ON THE REMAINING 600,000 BIBLE THAT HAVE BEEN APPROVED!!!

Cuba 1This precious weeping woman is one of the thousands of Cuban people we were able to provide their very first Bible for. With tears streaming down her cheeks she said, “Brother Todd, my family has been praying for more than 60 years that we would be able to receive a Bible. This is the answer to the prayers we have been praying. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” What an awesome opportunity for SUM student Blake Edwards, my brother Cecil, my wife Angie, and I to have.

At least 5 million people in Cuba are without a Bible. Most of them have never held a Bible in their hands! Please pray we can provide the remaining 600,000 Bibles that have already been approved. Knowing the Castro’s as we all do…this door could close at any time – with little or no notice. Would you join us in this urgent Bible effort? Thank you.

Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy to see a massive harvest of souls getting saved while conducting our evangelistic crusade services in Cuba.

IMG_2644This popular and anointed “a Capella” Cuban Gospel group sang as we gave Bibles to everyone in attendance.

IMG_3232In our final service this man gave his heart to the Lord, received his very first Bible and was instantly healed!!! He had lived with excruciating back pain for 25 years and had two unsuccessful back surgeries. BUT GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Now his name is written in the Lambs Book of Life in blood red, he has his very own Bible, and he is completely healed!!!


by Angie Todd

Perhaps one of the most precious things that happened during our Cuban mission crusade involved a child of one of the coordinating pastors for our meeting. Pastor Juan Carlos’ daughter Kelly is a precious 19 year old young lady sold out for God. As a result of some tragic things that have taken place in their family she has experienced a tremendous amount of emotional pain.

When we met, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart & said “she is going to offer to fix your hair.” The Lord had already shown Tim & I that we needed to leave most of our personal belongings that we brought with us to bless the Cuban people, (suitcases & everything in them, clothes, toiletries, shoes, suits, etc.) When I met Kelly the Lord also instructed me to give her my nice Nike tennis shoes, purse, wallet, sunglasses, perfume, makeup bag, that I had not intended on leaving. I was hoping & praying that she was my same shoe size, so I tried on a pair of her shoes & we are the exact same size. I told her that before we leave I planned to give her all my things.

DSC00509She came back later and said that she wanted to fix my hair in appreciation (just like the Lord had told me.) She spoke very little English so we communicated through her dad. What I thought would take 30 minutes or so turned into about 2.5 precious hours. She motioned for me to lean my head over as she so gently began washing my hair, then she dipped water from a bucket & rinsed it as she was washing my hair.

The Lord told me that this is how the disciples felt when he washed their feet. I wept while she washed and fixed my hair. She didn’t have much to give so she fixed my hair. This gift meant more to me probably than any earthly material possession I have ever received. I told her all that the Lord had shown me. We wept and hugged.

I told her that she was the hands and feet of Jesus. She told me that she was so embarrassed, humbled and blessed by my gift that she wanted to bless me back. She thought it was in a very small way compared to mine. But it was BIG to me!

On the last night of the Gospel Crusade she gave me a letter with a beautiful diamond ring inside. I showed it to her dad and he said that the ring was her most precious possession. You see, when she was born Pastor Juan started saving for her Quinceanera, (a huge Spanish celebration for 15 year old girls). That beautiful ring was his gift to her for that. Wow, what I gave her was not really a sacrifice but what she gave me was the biggest sacrifice she could have given. She really was the hands & feet of Jesus.

IMG_3283When we returned home I fell into bed after telling my kids all about the trip and took my rings off like I normally do but in the middle of the night I had to put Kelly’s ring back on. I will never take it off. What she did is very dear to my heart and I will always hold her up in my prayers. Please pray for Kelly, pray for the Cuban people, and pray for us as we share Jesus with them.

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“And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” – Romans 13:11

The question is, “To take America back from whom?” To take America back from the ‘liberal media’ who labels anybody who says anything good about God or anything good about traditional family values as being a religious fanatic.

To take America back from the ‘hard core pornographers’ whose pictures of men raping six year old girls are nothing more than a training manual for child molesters. In the United States of America there are more hard core pornography shops than there are McDonald’s.

At least one woman in America will be raped every 46 seconds. The United States Justice Department said that one out of three girls and one out of seven boys will be sexually molested by the age of 18. These child molesters are driven by pornography. The child molester will molest an average of 380 children before they are stopped.

To take America back from the ‘gay rights activist’ who with the help of President Barak Obama and many other liberal politicians and judges are doing everything they can on a federal level to give homosexuals the ability to marry, file joint tax returns and adopt children. And will force our public school systems to transform their curriculum to present homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. This has already happened in several states and is now happening on a federal level.

For the first time in the history of America we have a president who has publicly put his stamp of approval on gay marriage. I’m not judging. The Bible does all the judging. If you want to know what God thinks about homosexuality then look at his urban renewal development plan in Sodom and Gomorrah.

This is a call to arms to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ and the army of the living God to put on the whole armor of God: to stand up for Jesus, to stand up for traditional family values, to stand up for the God of our Fathers, to stand up and witness and win in a godless society. To take America back, one heart at a time, one home at a time, one city at a time and let this nation see us standing for God. Free and independent and saturated with the holiness of King Jesus!

To take America back from the ‘welfare state’ who rewards people that won’t work and takes money away from people who do work. The Bible says, ‘He who does not work shall not eat.” I’m for chiseling that over the door post of the Health Education and Welfare Department in Washington DC.

NEWT_GINGRICH_PICTUREWe need to support schools and students that are willing to stand up for God on their school campus. In a public school outside of Houston TX two sisters were stopped by a teacher as they entered school with their Truth for Youth Bibles. Teacher said, “Bibles are trash and don’t belong in school.” The students parents were called and told that they needed to be at school to get daughters within 15 minutes or Child Protective Services would be called. When parents arrived they found out their girls were in trouble, not for guns, drugs, sex or alcohol, but for carrying a Bible!

Liberty Counsel represented the sisters, won the case and as a part of the settlement the school agreed to purchase 1000 TFY Bibles and give them to the two sisters and allow them to give them to the students as they entered the school. It is time to take our schools back for God!

It is time for the good people of America to rise up and for there to be a second revolution. What is wrong with education that is pro-choice? That seems to be a popular word these days. Why not give parents a redeemable voucher and let them choose to send their children to public, private, Christian, charter or home school? It is so full of common sense that the legislatures in Washington DC will never get it.

To take America back from the ‘historical revisionists’. For those of you who still read something other than the National Enquirer you know that there are historical revisionists in our nation who are trashing America’s heroes and lifting up evil men as moral examples. Everyone from Christopher Columbus to George Washington to our Founding Forefathers are being portrayed by a select group in the media as being greedy, corrupt capitalists, racist and agnostic.

The-first-prayer-in-congress-september-1774That is wrong! These were men who prayed, they loved God, they loved their family! We need to stop allowing people to trash America’s heroes in the media. We need to return to the God of our Fathers, return to integrity, return to holiness without which no man shall see the Lord, return to the principles of God’s Word, return to trust in God and family. So shall this nation be established again upon Christ the solid rock!!!

Return America back to what? Back to the basics, back to the traditional family values, back to the way, the truth and the life, back to the living water, back to the bread of life, back to the rock. I’m not talking about Prudential. I’m talking about the solid rock, Christ Jesus. I’m talking about the cornerstone, precious and elect in Zion. I’m talking about the rock of ages, our Lord and Savior. Back to the blood of the cross, back to the Gospel of repentance. Not where your sins are brought before a hip counselor who says, I’m okay and you’re okay. But your sins are brought to the cross of Calvary and you are washed in the blood of Jesus! Back to holiness without which no man shall see the Lord, back to the God of our fathers. Let’s go back to this, it really works!

georgewashington1The Bible says that the wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God. It is time for God’s people to rise up with the power of the Holy Ghost and take America back!
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