New Day In America



Dr. Tim & Angie Todd


Dr. Perry Stone & Dr. Randy Valimont

The United States made a decision to overwhelmingly turn our back on a nonproductive, inadequate, spineless, and unrestrained government, and the vicious attack against our Christian foundational roots. America voted pro life and pro family for their children and grandchildren , and for the document of the US Constitution. As one who strongly urged the Church  of our Lord Jesus Christ to pray and put legs on their prayers by voting—and to do so for the above reasons, I am grateful for the strong stand the Church made.


Dutch Sheets-Christian leader and best selling author

83% of the church voted in the presidential election. More than any time I can remember, we the Church flexed our praying and voting muscle…and we who cling to our God and our guns amazed the world. I have never witnessed so many people praying for the outcome of an election. This was a miraculous act of God, without question. Praise God almighty!


Lou Ingle-The Call

However, I want to be crystal clear in saying that my faith is not in an individual or a political party; neither is my loyalty. There is no human being or human organization that can fix America. We know that there is not a political solution to America’s problems. Our problems are spiritual problems therefore they cannot be resolved by politics.


Alveda King-Niece to Dr. Martin Luther King

Certainly Donald Trump is not perfect and his abilities have bounds and limitations; his views are not always those that line up with the Word of God, nor do his deeds. But I, like so many Christian leaders, knew he was the better selection. And I believe God is already using him.

In order for me to even consider voting for an individual the starting point is that they must not be in favor of a woman’s right to choose to murder her child in the womb by way of abortion and they must not put their stamp of approval on homosexual behavior.


Cindy Jacobs-prayer warrior and best selling author

As you and I prayed during this election process, God was willing to give us mercy, not judgment. I will say though, Election Day was spiritually difficult. As Angie and I interceded and stood in faith, trusting that God was going to bring victory, it was emotional. On Election Day and on Inauguration Day, I wept, knowing that mercy had, truly, triumphed over judgment (James 2:13).

While I celebrate, however, I also realize there is still much work to do. Though it is appropriate to celebrate, we must remember this is only the start. Absolutely, it can be the fresh beginning we have so fervently anticipated, but it is still just that—the beginning. In every end there is also a beginning!

As for me, I plan to do my part to compel the Church not go back to sleep. I will continue to work tirelessly for the fullness of a great REVIVAL FIRE to sweep across America and around the world. Nothing else will embolden us to finish what has begun.


Todd Starnes-Fox News Commentator and best-selling author

And we must continue to pray for President Trump and our other government leaders. Prayer is the link, it is the nexus, between what is and what should be. It is rebellion against status quo. Praying is when human impotence and divine omnipotence intersect.

To the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ I say, THANK YOU for praying. You have made a spiritual impact on our nation.


Lou Sheldon, Traditional Family Values president

What an honor for Angie and I to attend the Inauguration and Inauguration Ball in Washington DC with some of America’s most prominent spiritual leaders. The celebration began on Thursday, January 19 with the theme, “Celebrating God’s Mercy.” – His mercy for America. God heard our prayers. This just shows what happens when God’s people stop and pray, asking the Lord to save America. This was truly a launch into a new season for America.

It was such an honor and privilege to be a part of the launching evening into a new government and really a new wineskin for America.

Dr. Tom Renfro-Was on his death bed with cancer. God healed him instantly!!!

The purpose of which, of course, was to celebrate the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States.

Many evangelicals, had an important hand in bringing about President Trump’s victory – with a lot of divine guidance. Now it’s up to the faith community to keep working for a more God-honoring country and culture.

God has given us a second chance and it’s really incumbent upon us to decide how we’re going to take this second chance – what we’re going to do with it.


dsc00368April 18-26 Angie and I will be ministering in Cuba with my 85 year old dad, Cecil Todd, and my brother, Cecil Todd. While we are there we will be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and distributing 10,000 Bibles to people of Cuba that have never had a Bible!!!

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Sister Effird-her 87 year old husband came to one of our revivals in Culpeper VA and gave his life to the Lord on Mother’s Day in 2006. He faithfully served the Lord until he passed. It was a blessing to see her again as we preached in her home church, Culpeper Assembly of God in Culpeper VA, the Sunday following the Inauguration.

fullsizerender Dr. Tim & Angie Todd

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