Revival Fires are Burning Bright in our Revival Service




Waitress Natalie got saved!!

On Saturday, February 18 I was enjoying fellowship and supper at Longhorn Steakhouse in Little Rock, AR with my friend, Rev. Eddie Gwin. I began to share the love of Jesus with our waitress, Natalie. I asked her if she needed prayer for anything and she unfolded the story about her twin girls being born premature diagnosed with ’twin twin transfusion’. What a God appointment! I began to share with Natalie what God did for our twin girls, Miracle & Mariah. As you know, they were diagnosed with the exact same thing! Natalie recognized that the Lord had brought us to her. As the Holy Spirit began to move I had the honor of leading Natalie to the Lord at our table, right there in Longhorn!

IMG_3457.pngThe next morning I was eating breakfast at the hotel getting ready to leave for first revival service at TAG Church in Little Rock, where Dwayne Maynard is pastor. I was privileged again with the opportunity to share Jesus with a lady and her 2 young daughters that were in town for a dance recital competition the night before. As I left I invited them to the service and the Holy Spirit compelled them to come to the service instead of swimming like they had planned. They came forward and gave their hearts to the Lord in the first service of the revival!!!

TAG Church has been in a sovereign move of the Holy Ghost for more than three years! During our services there, we witnessed a mass of people give their hearts to the Lord, get filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered from bondages, and SET ON FIRE FOR GOD!!!

God is still moving in these last days and many are responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our revival services. We’ve seen hundreds of people saved over the last several weeks in our services. All the sparks from the revival fire have overflowed and broken out into the communities where God has opened the doors for us to preach. People are getting saved, people are being filled with the Spirit, people  are getting fired up for God! It is amazing to see what God is doing. In all of our revival services the power of God is falling so mightily and many are being saved. The power of God has been so real. It is just unbelievable.

IMG_5351.pngWe are so honored to be preaching  the Gospel of Jesus Christ somewhere every week, all over the country. We are keeping the revival fires burning and praying God will continue to move across the country and save more souls through the ministry that He has called us to before he comes back. It is amazing to see what God is doing. It’s overwhelming.

In the midst of all the bondage and sin and the negativity and division (of the election) there is a group of people God is raising up to spread the good news of the Gospel. Our only hope is in Jesus. There is no hope in anything or anyone else. We are following him and letting him lead us and guide us. There are people being saved every day through the ministry of Revival Fires! HALLELUJAH!!!

It’s not just kids getting saved. It’s all ages walking down the aisle putting their faith in Jesus Christ! People sitting in the pews who lack passion for God are getting their hearts in right relationship with Jesus in our revival services too. There are lost church members who claim to be Christians and have no fruit. They live one way in the church and one way outside of church. God is bringing them to repentance!

IMG_3211.pngIn so many of our churches we’ve tried everything — programs, religious traditions, tried doing everything in our power to change ourselves and be better people, and nothing has worked, and people realize the only person that can change their life is Jesus Christ and putting their faith in him.

There is urgency! Time is short. Time is very short. We’ve heard preachers preach that our whole lives. I grew up hearing that, but now is different. Everything with regard to Bible prophecy-wise has been fulfilled. The next event is the rapture. Right now God is extending mercy. He is pouring out his spirit on all flesh. He is getting as many people into the family of God as he can. It is as though God is doing everything but making the decision for people. It’s not going to be too much longer before God will tell his Son to ‘go get your bride’. We have to do everything we can to reach as many people as we can as quickly as we can.

With many disillusioned by the current political season, we’ve seen openness and receptiveness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ like we’ve never seen before. What I am seeing is people hungry for God, they are hungry for God to move, hungry to see revival fire here in America. It is all God. Every bit of it is all God. Nobody can take credit for anything. It’s all been a holy God and his sovereignty. When you try to analyze it, it’s only God.

SHREVEPORT ALTAR.pngI am honored to be part of such an outpouring. It’s very humbling and very overwhelming. It’s a great responsibility. You don’t want to say or do anything that would grieve the Holy Ghost or do anything that would jeopardize God’s hand being on your life. You have to walk very humbly and very sensitively. You have to be very careful to give God all the glory. Any bit of pride can shut down what God is doing. It’s all been God and it will all be God.

So many programs dominate so many churches. We’ve gotten so used to our programs. This is where people have missed it. We get so caught up in church work that we lose sight of the work of the Church! We go to church, have a couple songs, a bunch of boring announcements, you have clubs and car washes and bake sales and orchestrated songs, and the preacher preaches a three-point boring sermon he threw together out of a book the night before and there is no room for the power of God. We need the power of the Holy Ghost. Without the power of the Holy Ghost nothing else matters. Nothing will change somebody’s life but the power of God. If you have the best building and best singing and all this stuff but not the power of God you have missed it all. We have to walk daily with God and stay on our knees in fiery fervent prayer.


tfy-spanish-cover-draft-2016-07-28April 17-25 we will be conducting a Cuba for Jesus Crusade in Havana, Ciego and Santiago, Cuba! While we are there we will also be giving away 10,000 full Bibles to 10,000 precious people who have NEVER had a Bible! It’s hard to fathom that there are that many people without Bibles, however, there are actually more than 5 million people in Cuba that don’t have even one Bible! We have made it a TOP PRIORITY of the ministry that God has called us to, to provide a Bible for every person in Cuba that doesn’t have a Bible.

While we are in Havana we also have a confirmed April 24th meeting with the president of the Cuban Council of Churches to present the BRAND NEW Cuban Spanish Truth for Youth Bible for distribution. It is a miracle that we have this scheduled appointment. Please be praying that this meeting will result in reaching the 1.4  million teenagers with the effective evangelism tool of the Truth for Youth Bible.

BroTim with lady and friend holding Bible.JPGIn our June 16-22, 2016 Cuba Crusade we were so honored to see THOUSANDS of men, women, young people and children RUN to give their lives to Jesus Christ! What an awesome sight! Altars in Cuba filled to capacity with people weeping before God, surrendering their hearts and lives to Christ!

As we gave Bibles to the people of Cuba that have never had a Bible they would hold it like it was a piece of Gold. I can honestly say that as they received their very first Bible, if you were to ask them if they would rather have gold or the Bible they received, they would have chosen the Bible. Yes, the spiritually hungry people of Cuba would rather have God than gold!

CUBA 5.jpgPlease pray for us as we put everything into place and prepare for this very important Cuba Crusade. We have already raised $20,000 for the 10,000 Bibles we will give away while we are there. We still need to raise about $30,000 more. The full Bibles cost our ministry only $5 each. I’m convinced that providing Bibles for the people of Cuba who have NEVER HAD EVEN ONE BIBLE!, is one of the very most important things we can do for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me ask you to please prayerfully consider helping us with the rest of the expense for this Cuba for Jesus Crusade that is going to produce a massive harvest of souls and provide Bibles for 10,000 people who are desperate for their very first Bible.

CUBA.pngPlease pray about how many Bibles for the Cuban people God would have you to help us give away: A $25 gift will help us provide 5 full Bibles; A $50 gift will provide 10 Bibles; A $100 gift will provide 20 Bibles; A $200 gift will provide 40 Bibles; A $500 gift will provide 100 full Bibles for Cuba; A $1000 gift will provide 200 Bibles; A $2500 gift will help us give 500 Bibles; A $5000 gift will provide 1000 Bibles for Cuba; A $10,000 gift will provide 2000 full Bibles for 2000 Cuban people who have NEVER HAD A BIBLE!

CUBA 6.jpgAny size of gift will be so helpful! Thank you so much for praying and thank you for helping. You click here to send your very best gift to help us reach the precious people in the Communist country of Cuba.




dsc00368April 18-26 Angie and I will be ministering in Cuba with my 85 year old dad, Cecil Todd, and my brother, Cecil Todd. While we are there we will be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and distributing 10,000 Bibles to people of Cuba that have never had a Bible!!!

Cuba’s Department of Religious Affairs has approved the distribution of these 10,000 Bibles throughout Cuba!

Bibles have been so scarce in Cuba that some preachers have been preaching for years from a borrowed Bible! Most churches have had only one or two Bibles for the entire congregation! We now have the opportunity to change this by bringing Bibles to Cuba!

Think About It…

Bible distribution in Cuba was stopped in 1969. It just blows my mind to know that we now have this wide open door for Bible distribution and evangelism in Cuba. This is a miracle and God is performing it!!!

cuba-1Here’s how it happened…

The Bible Commission of Cuba, a well respected liaison organization between Cuban churches and the Cuban government for over 60 years, has been used mightily of God to help open this vitally important door of Bible distribution and evangelism in Cuba. THE DEPARTMENT OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS for the Cuban government has officially approved this Bible distribution effort. What a miracle break through from God!

With tears of joy streaming down her cheeks this precious woman from Cuba told me personally, “My family has been praying for a Bible for 60 YEARS. God used you to answer our prayer. My mother didn’t live to see this day. She would be so happy.”


The Cuban Bibles come packaged 20 to a case. Any size of a financial gift would be a tremendous help!

20biblesforcuba  40bibles   100bibles

 200bibles  500bibles   1000bibles


Thank You For Praying And Obeying! I am believing God for 20 people or churches to prayerfully consider giving a gift of $1000. 

With God’s help, and with your help, we will make an eternal spiritual impact in the lives of thousands of people in Cuba!


spirit-of-israel-biblesIf the Lord lays on your heart to give $1000 or more to help us provide 200 Bibles or more, I want to send you this beautiful, genuine leather, KJV Spirit of Israel Bible. This beautiful full Bible has 120 pages that will tell you everything you need to know about Israel and their strong connection to America. To give, click here or call 800.RF.FIRES (733.4737).