Pulsating nauseation hits me like an oncoming freight train, reminding me, the South Georgia revival services are over. Preaching revival services absolutely wipes me out. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. The pilot is rushing off of the runway as we are the very last flight allowed to leave the airport due to a hurricane style storm that has moved in quickly. The rough flight, sheer exhaustion, along with drinking 3 bottles of apple juice, led to me throwing up in a bag. I dozed off into a deep sleep all the way to Atlanta. When we landed my FULL throw up bag had slipped down between the seats and the jolt of the landing caused it to spill all over the person in the seat directly behind me. Without giving it a thought I began to rush toward the front of the plane to retrieve napkins for this poor person behind me. The flight attendant forcefully commanded me to be seated immediately until the seatbelt sign was turned off. Needless to say, I was glad for that day of nauseation to be over.

Would you believe the church can make our Lord nauseated as well? Do you know that it often leaves Him sick? Church can make Christ ill to His stomach. It can make him want to throw up. What about church would make Jesus sick to His stomach? What about His people could possibly cause Him such a violent reaction? Lukewarmness. Spiritual indifference in the church makes Christ want to throw up. Apathy makes our Lord ill. Lukewarm preaching. Indifferent worship. Bland prayer. Stale fellowship. Insipid evangelism. It all makes Christ sick!

Not just on Sunday, but on Monday through Saturday, as well. Whenever our hearts, once fervent for Him, cool off into a state of lukewarmness, it makes Jesus Christ nauseated and sick to His stomach, making Him want to throw up. It’s all provoked by our sin of lukewarmness. The sin of being spiritually half in, and half out. The sin of yawning in Christ’s face. The sin of indifference toward His grace. The sin of being bored with the Christian life. It makes God sick! He can’t stomach it! Half-hearted devotion is absolutely revolting to Him!

In Revelation 3:14-17 Christ addresses the sin of lukewarmness. In scathing terms, Jesus warns that He will spew any lukewarm church from His mouth. This is a serious call to spiritual fervency, heart devotion, and holy zeal. Here is a solemn command to be on fire for God, not lukewarm. Christ is speaking to each and every one of us. We must listen and obey!

The message is clear. Lukewarmness toward Christ is a gross sin against our Lord! Our spiritual apathy toward Jesus causes Him the greatest grief and heartbreak. We must constantly read the thermostat of our heart. When we cool off and become lukewarm, decisive steps must be taken immediately to raise the temperature of our spiritual passion.

Perhaps this is our greatest need. Could it be that the greatest need of the church is to get fired up for Christ? That’s what Jesus says. We must rekindle the spiritual passion within our hearts for Him. That’s the very core of what the church is supposed to be. We are called to be a body of believers deeply in love with Christ.

When the world sees the reality of our love for Christ, the Gospel message we share is made believable. One life on fire for Christ is worth more than a library full of arguments. The world is waiting to see the reality of our love for Him.

A church building once caught on fire. The entire neighborhood ran down the street to see the church aflame. The fire was so hot that there was no hope of saving the building. Present among the bystanders was the town atheist. He was known for his unbelief and cynical attacks on the church. As he stood there watching the church burn, one of the members saw him and sarcastically said, “What are you doing here? I never thought I’d see you at church.” The atheist replied, “You’ll have to excuse me but I’ve never seen this church on fire before.”

That’s what the world needs to see. The church on fire. Not lukewarm and indifferent. But the people of God with a red-hot love for Jesus Christ. That’s what the world needs to see. A church on fire!




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