A line has been drawn in the sand. Sides have been taken, and war has been declared. Hell is officially in session. And the church is under attack.

With mounting hostility, the kingdom of Satan is engaging in a full-scale war against the church of Jesus Christ. The foul forces of darkness are escalating their campaign against the people of God with an unholy vengeance. Like two weather fronts colliding, a violent storm is brewing across the horizon as never before.


Lou Sheldon Traditional Family Values President

Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco gathered for Sunday evening worship knowing that it would be an eventful service. They just didn’t know how eventful. The featured guest speaker was Lou Sheldon, an outspoken opponent of pro-homosexual legislation in California. As chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, Sheldon had played a key role in overturning a domestic partners ordinance in San Francisco.

As he came to speak, this church turned into a battleground. Two pro-homosexual newspapers had publicized Sheldon’s visit leading to a barrage of phone calls to the church all week. Militant homosexual activists showed up in force and disrupted the service. The worship service became a war zone. Like an invading army, 100 rioters stormed the church ground and took complete control of the exterior property.

Angry protestors denied worshipers entrance into the church. One church member, a woman, was physically and forcibly carried away from the church by the activists while police just stood by watching! Rioters vandalized church property. The church’s Christian flag was replaced by a homosexual flag. Innocent children were verbally harassed and threatened. Vile obscenities were yelled.

When the service began, angry homosexuals pounded on the sanctuary doors, taunting worshipers to come outside and join them in sexual orgies. As the believers sang, the demonstrators threw eggs and rocks at the stained-glass windows. The pastor was pelted by debris and needed a police escort as he left in a church van. Sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah!!!

This is America today. What’s next? One thing is clear. Jesus warned us it would be this way in the end times before His return, “They will deliver you up to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name” (Matthew 24:9). Before His own crucifixion Jesus told us, “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own, but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you” (John 15:18-19). No mistaking it – the world will hate us.

The Apostle Paul echoed the same: “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come….And indeed all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Timothy 3:1, 12). Yes, a line has been drawn in the sand. Sides have been taken. And war has been declared. Hell is in direct conflict with Heaven. The church of our Lord Jesus Christ must rise up, full of the Holy Spirit, and take a strong stand in these last days!

Born That Way TiltThe Truth for Youth Bibles that we give to young people across America has a powerful comic story that deals with the truth about homosexual perversion. One young man that was deeply entrenched in the homosexual lifestyle was given a copy of the Truth for Youth Bible. He read the comic story titled, BORN THAT WAY, dealing with homosexual perversion and gave his life to Jesus Christ and God delivered him from the bondage of homosexuality! PRAISE GOD!!!

But these efforts to get the truth of God’s Word into the hands of young people across America have not gone unchallenged. One young man giving Truth for Youth Bibles away in the public high school he attends, was surrounded by a group of militant homosexuals and his life was threatened if he continued to give the Bibles away. He has continued to be bold for Christ and God has protected him from harm! Thank God for bold Christian young people who are willing to take a stand on their public school campuses in these last days!

tfy-english cover -bibleOther comic stories included in the popular Truth for Youth Bible deal with Sexual Purity, Pornography, Sexting, Cutting, Suicide, Bullying, Witchcraft, Evolution, Abortion and many other issues of moral concern. Christian young people boldly give the Bibles to their unsaved peers in school. We have been able to give away more than 2.5 million Truth for Youth so far hand have received  more than 25,000 decision coupons from young people that have been saved as a result of these efforts.

Miraculously, we have been able to expand these evangelistic efforts into the Communist country of Cuba as we have been granted permission to give the Truth for Youth to the 1.4 million young people of Cuba that have never had a Bible.


Pastor Miguel sharing the Gospel with Raul Castro

Here’s how it happened: In November we ministered in Havana, Cuba for Pastor Marcial Miguel Hernandez Salazar. He was the President of the Cuban Council of Churches for the entire nation of Cuba from 2008 – 2012. During that period of time God allowed him to share the Gospel with the Dictator Fidel Castro and current Dictator Raul Castro. As a result of these efforts, Fidel Castro’s son, Jorge Castro gave his heart to the Lord. Jorge and his entire family are faithfully serving the Lord today.

While I was preaching in our special services there, two of Raul Castro’s body guards gave their hearts to the Lord and were filled with the Spirit! Many others were saved, filled with the Spirit, healed, delivered and set on fire for God.


Pastor Miguel sharing the Gospel with Fidel Castro

We were able to give a copy of the Truth for Youth Bible to every young person in attendance. I was able to share my vision with Pastor Miguel of giving a copy of the Truth for Youth Bible to every teenager in Cuba. Pastor Miguel was able to meet with the Cuban government officials and secured the approval for distribution of the Truth for Youth Bible in Cuba. This is a miracle and only God gets the credit.

We will travel to Cuba in August to conduct a large TRUTH RALLY where we will preach the Gospel to thousands of youth, gives thousands of Truth for Youth to young people who have never had a Bible and believe God for a massive harvest of young people to be saved!

Please prayerfully consider allowing the Lord to use you to help us with the expense of this crusade and the Bibles we will be giving away. The crusade will cost approximately $20,000 and we will give away more than 50,000 Truth for Youth Bibles that will cost $2 each. We are planning for a harvest of more than 20,000 Cuban young people to be saved in this meeting. I have found that God always exceeds my expectation!  If you would like to give to help spread the Gospel in Cuba please click here.


23243993_10155859809664641_3226261123785475213_nThe Spanish Truth for Youth Bible is a unique book that has the entire New Testament in the Reina-Valera 95 Translation as its anchor. However, the hook for teens is in the front section of the Truth for Youth – 100 pages of powerful, full color comic stories pack with the ‘absolute truth’ regarding issues that young people are faced with on a daily basis, such as: Sexual Purity, Honor, Pornography, Witchcraft, Homosexuality, Secular Rock Music, Evolution, Sexting, Bullying, Abortion, Pluralism, Suicide, Drugs, Drunkenness and Peer Pressure. We also incorporated the plan of salvation into each comic story so young people will have clear instruction on how to give their life to Jesus. To order the Spanish Truth for Youth Bible you may click here.


20Help us bring the message of the Gospel to America’s youth and counter the ill effect of the liberal agenda being promoted aggressively in America’s public schools by helping to provide Truth for Youth® Bibles for every teenager in the United States.

The Truth for Youth® is given to every teenager who commits to give the Bibles to their unsaved friends in school. Over 2.5 million Truth for Youth® have already been distributed and thousands of young people are receiving Christ through these efforts!

TFY 26One goal for giving the Truth for Youth® to teenagers is to restore religious freedoms in public school. The main goal of the Truth for Youth®, however, is to bring the message of the Gospel to America’s young people so they might receive Christ and become His disciples.






IMG_0981What an awesome move of the Holy Spirit in our very first PULSE Youth Service at Sanctuary Family Worship Center in Jena, LA where Heath Harris is pastor. Many young people gave their hearts to the Lord, rededicated their lives, were filled with the Holy Spirit, called into the ministry and were set on fire for God! We were able to give away a LOT of Truth for Youth® Bibles to every teenager in attendance! The SUM Worship team: Mariah & Mikalen Todd, Eden Townsend, Brandon Byrd, Timmy Davidson and Wyatt Jordan allowed the Holy Spirit to use them mightily!

IMG_1025God is raising up an army of youth in these last days that are going to play an important part in bringing America back to God! Please pray for our upcoming PULSE Youth Services as God spoke to my heart in December, 2017 and showed me that He is going to use these meetings to set a Revival Fire in the hearts of the youth of America! God is bringing in the harvest of young people!



case-dismissed-coverRaised in the home of an internationally known television evangelist, yet lost in a world of drugs and alcohol, as a young man, Tim Todd struggled to find his purpose in life. On the very brink of committing suicide, God miraculously broke through the haze of sin to bring this young man from a world of darkness and despair into a world of hope, peace, and redemption.

You’ll be amazed at Tim’s close calls with death, rejoice with him in his victories, and be in awe at how God turned a seemingly unusable sinner into a dynamic, vibrant speaker, preacher, and evangelist of the graces of God’s unconditional love.

To order  the Case Dismissed Book and/or Case Dismissed DVD/CD Combo you may use the enclosed order form and envelope.