America’s youth need Jesus Christ as their foundation in the wake of a mass shooting at a local high school in Florida. Seventeen innocent young people and adults were needlessly killed and many were injured after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and began firing an AR-15 rifle.


These kids need prayer and these kids need a new foundation besides social media and the godless music that some of them are listening to that’s polluting their minds. They need God! The school violence in America is not a gun problem, it is a God problem! It is not a bullet problem, it is a Bible problem! If a young person would have given this shooter a Truth for Youth Bible and introduced him to the Lord, this shooting would have never happened.


Young people need God in their lives! This heightened level of violence was not an issue when I grew up in school 40 years ago. Students in America’s public schools use to begin each day with prayer.  That lasted until 1962, when the Supreme Court decided that public school teachers would no longer be able to pray with their students or even read out loud from the Bible since it supposedly violated 1st Amendment rights.  This served as the basis for a few anti-religious and specifically anti-Christian laws that were subsequently passed.


For example, many colleges and schools have initiated “Christian-free zones.”  This means that a student in some schools can get in academic trouble just for wearing a Christian shirt, reading the Bible, leading student prayer, or even simply talking about God and Jesus to other students and staff members. What is it going to take for our society to realize that when God was in school guns were not!!! And our students have the legal right to openly bring God on their school campuses.


There have been too many instances where the religious rights of students have been violated. There are also quite a few more reasons why God should be brought back into school beyond the simple rights of Christian students as well. As Christians, we need to remember that we are commanded to preach the good news to all in the world.  Those who claim that God can never be brought back into schools again say that a secular learning environment is free and open minded to all backgrounds.  The reality is that it is more commonly used as a weapon to those who express their belief in God.


I believe these are some things that if immediately implemented we can get God back in our schools and see a revival break out on our public school campuses among the young people of America.


  1. Christian young people need to exercise their right to read their Bible at school just as easily as if they were to read it at home or in another environment. However, in many of our schools, Bibles have been called “inappropriate texts” at various campuses and the students who were caught with them were disciplined academically. How is this fair? Ironically, these same schools don’t seem to have a problem if a student reads the Koran or a Buddhist form of text.  How is a secular learning environment truly free and open to everyone if it’s not guaranteed that a student can read the Bible? Here me, Christian students reading their Bible on campus will help set the atmosphere for a revival in their school!

  1. Christian students praying with other ‘students in need’ on their school campus with help bring revival in their school! If a few students want to join together and pray on campus, they should have every right to do so. However, the U.S Supreme Court has ruled that organized school prayer is unconstitutional. Granted, the court was referring to prayer that was organized by the actual school and not by the individual students, but many campuses have drastically misinterpreted this and banned students from praying together. Students need to be made aware that they do indeed have the right to pray at school.


  1. Active Bible Clubs will help bring revival on our school campuses! This is another example that runs parallel to the freedom for school prayer example. While the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for a public school to allow a school to initiate a prayer, many schools misinterpreted that and have prevented even student led prayers from occurring. All the same, Congress has passed legislation that allows students in a school to form Christian or Bible clubs as long as they have a sponsor who is either a teacher or administrator at the school, and as long as the school allows other clubs to form in addition to the Bible club. But yet again, schools have drastically misinterpreted this as well and prevented Christian students from forming Bible clubs, since they refuse to allow their teachers to sponsor the clubs. Christian young people need to take a strong stand on their school campus, getting involved in an existing Bible club, and if there isn’t one, coordinate starting one!


  1. To distribute Truth for Youth Bibles is one of the most effective ways to return God to our schools and bring a revival to our school campuses! Every school or college campus should have a representative of some Christian organization passing out Bibles and sharing the good news of God to fellow students on a regular basis. Just like the clothing example, some schools see this as offending other students who don’t share those same views and therefore ban Christian students from doing so on campus. However, student’s do have the legal right to distribute Bibles on their school campus during non instructional time. To make this clear to school administrators and student’s, we display the ‘10 Student’s Legal Rights on Public School Campus’ on the back cover of the Truth for Youth Bible. Remember, when Bibles were in school, bullets were not!

  1. Speaking about God in a class assignment will also help to restore God to our schools. It’s unbelievable that some schools won’t allow their students to even talk about God in class. Obviously you can’t interrupt a teacher’s lecture or a class discussion, but there have been many examples in the news where a student may want to give a report on Jesus for a ‘most inspiring person project’, and the teacher forces the student to choose someone else, claiming that Jesus is not an appropriate choice. Ironically, some of those same teachers are totally fine if the student were to pick a godless celebrity for their most inspiring person.


By denying God in schools, we are denying open ended discussion in scientific and philosophical discussion in classrooms by only focusing on what satisfies a secular learning environment. There’s plenty of scientific and philosophical evidence for intelligent design as the reason behind the formation of the Earth and the Universe. But without God in school, this perfectly viable explanation is taken out of the classroom and forces students to conform to only one alternative, that the universe was formed by chance. We started teaching our youth that they evolved from apes and now many of them have started behaving like apes! One of the powerful graphic novels in the front full color section of the Truth for Youth Bible deals with the evolution lie. Our young people need to know they were made in the image of God!


  1. Another effective tool to return God to our schools is for young people to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to fellow students. Christian students must share that there is a loving God who watches out for us and has a plan for our lives. There are godless forces who have been using the government as a tool to forcibly silence those who do believe in God, by demanding a secular environment. Bringing God back in school is the only way to ensure that everyone can share their views openly and freely. We don’t need more ‘gun control’, we need more ‘God control’! When a young person shares Jesus Christ with a fellow student, and that student gives God control of their life, that students life is altered for eternity! No public school has the right to ‘ban God’ and infringe on the beliefs of millions of Christian students!!!


I believe that in the midst of this Florida school shooting tragedy, a revival is being released among the youth of America! Let’s pray for our young people. If we want to change our nation, and we do, we must reach a generation of our young people and offer them the only hope, Jesus Christ!


Let me encourage you to prayerfully consider purchasing a case of the Truth for Youth Bibles to give to the youth group in your church to be distributed to unsaved young people in your local high schools and junior high schools. Enclosed is a detailed Truth for Youth flyer that will help you with this process.




Revival Fires has received approval from the Communist Cuban government to publicly distribute Truth for Youth Bibles to the 1.4 million young people in Cuba that have never had a Bible!!! This historic Bible distribution is a huge breakthrough and Revival Fires is on the ground floor of this incredible effort!


HERE’S HOW IT HAPPENED: While conducting evangelistic crusades in Cuba, we were privileged to meet with Pastor Miguel Hernandez Salazar. Pastor Hernandez Salazar is a bishop that currently oversees more than 250 on fire for God churches throughout Cuba.


We received an overwhelmingly positive response while distributing Truth for Youth Bibles to students in Pastor Hernandez Salazar’s churches across Cuba. Following our TFY distribution, Pastor Hernandez Salazar met with Cuban government officials and received official approval for the Truth for Youth Bible to be distributed to the 1.4 million young people of Cuba that don’t have a Bible!


Pastor Hernandez Salazar continues to have great favor with the Cuban government officials as he previously served as the Cuban Council of Churches president from 2008-2012. While serving in this position, he was able to share the Gospel with, then, Dictator Fidel Castro, current Dictator Raul Castro, and many other high ranking Cuban government officials.

“It brought such joy to my heart to see the young people all over Cuba receive their very first Bible. The Truth for Youth is such a special Bible for our young people because of the wonderful graphic novels in the front section that deal with the very important moral issues.” Pastor Hernandez Salazar said, “I thank God for Dr. Tim Todd and I thank God for this special evangelism tool that will be used mightily to reach the young people in our country.”


Bible distribution in Cuba was stopped in 1969 and now there are more than a million teenagers in Cuba without a Bible. We now have the opportunity to change this by bringing the Word of God to the youth of Cuba! To reach the country of Cuba we must reach a generation of young people. Please pray for this emergency call for Truth for Youth Bibles for the young people of Cuba. I’m convinced, providing God’s Word to the young people in Cuba without one, is one of the greatest things we can do for King Jesus!


We don’t know how long this Bible distribution door will be open in Cuba. But while it is open, we will run through it. With God’s help, and with your help, we will make an eternal impact in the lives of thousands of young people in Cuba. Thank you for praying & obeying, thank you for caring and sharing, and thank you for helping us provide Truth for Youth Bibles for the young people in Cuba.


Dr. Tim Todd