Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”  What will America look like in the very near future? Where is our culture heading? Where are we headed as a society? What will our lifestyle be?

As I travel the nation this is the direction I see America trending toward. Now more than ever I see families made up of multiple marriages. The family as we have known it in the past is almost nonexistent. It has become nothing more than an interesting anomaly – a mere blip in human history. What God calls a family has become abnormal. A godly marriage has been replaced with “serial monogamy.”

Widespread divorce has become so common it is now considered to be normal. Some states have marriage contracts with sunset clauses – to automatically terminate the marriage at a given date.

Many families have multiple parents. Children are living with a bewildering array of relatives – mothers, fathers, multiple stepmothers, multiple stepfathers, stepbrothers, stepsisters, grandparents, former grandparents, etc.

Incest has become rampant! The taboo against incestual relationships has weakened dramatically. The fractured family consists of relatives, non-relatives and former relatives, breaking down the obsolete prohibition against intimacies at home.

The trend toward childlessness has accelerated. We are headed toward a society made up of far more older people and fewer children than ever before.

Children are routinely being abused, victimized and bounced from home to home as families splinter and reform and splinter and reform. Many children have no one to care for them. Boys and girls are roaming the streets much like they do in Venezuela and Brazil.

In several states, pediatricians are teaching children about the use of condoms at the time of their vaccinations against disease and in the classroom in grade school.

Atheism is being embraced by many! Theology, the study of God and the Bible is at an all-time low. As God is no longer welcome in our public school systems, school children have no knowledge of spiritual matters, nor even an interest in this topic.

As a result of the triumph of feminism, many have begun to shun even the reference of God in personal masculine terms (no more, ‘Lord’ or “Heavenly Father’).

Several years ago I was given the divine appointment of witnessing to boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather in the Atlanta airport. To approach Mr. Mayweather I asked him for an autograph for my son Luke who was 10 years old at the time. He signed the autograph with “God bless you.” I asked, “Do you know Him?” Mayweather immediately responded, “How do you know God is a ‘He’?” I told him the Bible refers to God as our Heavenly Father. He asked me where I was going? I told him that I was on my way to Heaven but making several stops on my way there. He laughed and asked if I wanted to sit down and visit with him for a few minutes.

I was given the opportunity to talk to him for 45 minutes. What Mayweather was unaware of is that the night before I happened on an ESPN special about Floyd Mayweather and his rough relationship with his dad. God had given me a download of information about Floyd Mayweather’s family to prepare me for the opportunity to minister to him in the airport. When we parted ways, Mayweather’s bodyguard put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Thank you for taking the time to do that. No one has ever talked to him about the Lord like that before.” Thank God that God is our Heavenly Father!

And finally, I am seeing a trend toward trying to force women to have abortions to deal with an exploding population, just like China imposes on its women. Representative Pat Schroeder spelled out the ideal: “The most important goal for the 21st Century is family planning for everyone.” The bottom line? Here’s what these liberal-minded socialists see in the future: An even more radical approach is evolving! It is reasonable to ask whether there will be a family at all. Given the propensity for divorce, the growing number of adults who choose to remain single, the declining popularity of having children, and the evaporation of the time families spend together, another way may eventually emerge. Many are embracing the concept of dispensing with family-based reproduction. Our society is in the process of trying to produce its future generations in institutions that resemble state-supported baby hatcheries.

Not a pretty picture. Begin with multiple marriages, divorce, and homosexuality. Throw in incest, childlessness and child abuse. Add sexual promiscuity, feminism and abortion. Stir well with atheism and socialism. Wrap it up with giving all of our young children smartphones where they have easy access to pornography. This is the world in which we have found ourselves. Undoubtedly we have entered a post-Christian era in America. An era in which the culture has become increasingly hostile to biblical values and morality.

We the church have found ourselves ministering in an increasing godless society. We are now living at hell’s headquarters. We have set up church at the gates of hell. How should we live? What should be the church’s strategy in the midst of such culture wars?

Like a bride at the altar, our hearts should be filled with anticipation of the glorious consummation of our relationship with Christ. This anticipation should motivate us to spiritual purity and fidelity today. But while we wait, the bride of Christ lives at the front steps of hell’s headquarters. Surrounded by the forces of evil, she must combat Satan and the hordes of hell. The battle roars around us.

We, the church, cannot ignore the spiritual conflict that rages on every hand. Nor can we afford to be safely isolated within the four walls of the church. We must be the church and penetrate our culture, which is under siege by Satan.

In 1917, the Russian Orthodox Church met in Petrograd. The agenda? The church’s leadership deliberated in deep debate and heated argument over – are you ready for this? – the color of their liturgical garb. All the while, just a few blocks away the godless Communist revolution was breaking out and was spilling Russian blood in the streets. While the church met, hell’s headquarters – just blocks away – commenced the takeover of a nation.

Doesn’t this sound like the church in America today? While Satan and his legions are pushing a cultural revolution all across the land, we are deliberating behind cloistered walls, where we trivialize the essentials and debate the unimportant. If we are to be the church, we must be faithful to Christ and so penetrate our world.

No matter where we live, hell’s headquarters are but a few blocks away. The danger is great today. Greater than it’s ever been. And the forces of hell are closer than ever before. But the opportunity for the church today has never been greater either. Especially while we live at hell’s headquarters.







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