Cuba is being shaken by the Gospel! Angie, our daughter Mikalen, and I were privileged to be used by the Lord in an epic outreach for His Glory and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in Cuba.

In our services in Santa Clara, Ceigo, Falcon and Cein Fuegos, we witnessed thousands surrender their lives to Jesus and many wonderful miracles took place. What a blessing to be a part of shaking the nation of Cuba for Christ! Cuba will never be the same after this crusade!

It was an honor and a privilege to blitz the country of Cuba with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! When all of the wheels of the “harvesting combine” began to turn prior to the crusade the Holy Ghost was revealing to me that the nation of Cuba truly can be brought to Christ! With a battle cry from the Lord, through these services, Cuba has truly been eternally impacted by the power of the Gospel! This battle cry mobilized the Cuban church into action.

It was such a blessing to work side by side in Cuba with my wonderful wife Angie and our daughter Mikalen.

ANGIE HAD A FRESH WORD FROM THE LORD as she ministered the Gospel in an illustrated message under the anointing of the Holy Ghost! The beauty of it was to see all the hands raised of so many precious Cuban people who were being forgiven of their sins.
Several months before our journey to Cuba,


Mikalen learned songs in Spanish and ministered in each service. God used her to change the lives of so many young people as she sang, prayed in the altars and spent quality time just getting to know them.

With the huge crowds in attendance, we prayed again and again for the people, many of them brand new converts, to receive the glorious gift of the Holy Ghost. The place was shaken. Even before we started praying the Holy Ghost began to move across the large facilities we were packed into.


In route to Cein Fuegos the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about preaching on the subject of the Holy Fire of God. Cein Fuegos means, “One Hundred Fires”! As I was going over my message with my interpreter we passed a large field, ON FIRE, just off of the highway. In all of my traveling through Cuba I had never seen a large field on fire. Our daughter Mikalen leaned up and let me know that the Lord had given her a dream the night before that she was in a room that was 100 degrees and completely surrounded by fire. “When you walk through the fire you will not be burned up. The flames will not consume you.”  Isaiah 43:2

That night in the service the Fire of the Holy Ghost began to fall mightily! What an awesome presence of the Holy Ghost! A massive amount of Cuban people came to Christ and were filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire! Our translators son Caleb gave His heart to the Lord that night. At 14 years old he was drinking and smoking and living for the devil. God radically saved him!!!


We were blessed to be able to give Bibles to many of the people in attendance in each service. What a glorious sight to witness people receiving their very first Bible! Our plan was to massively distribute the brand new Cuban Spanish Truth for Youth Bible we publish while we were there. However, the 60,000 Truth for Youth Bibles did not arrive in time for us to actually be the ones to give them away. The TFY Bibles will arrive in Cuba in just a few days.

We were able to meet with the key youth leaders on the Island of Cuba that will oversee the massive Truth for Youth Bible distribution. We gave each one of them a copy of the Truth for Youth Bible and prayed over them as these leaders represent the youth of the nation of Cuba. They will be distributed by the youth leaders to the more than 400 youth groups in 400 churches that are on fire for God!!! Each young person in each of the youth groups will be given their very own first Bible and will be commissioned to give the remaining Bibles to their friends.

As most of you already know, we have been granted permission from the Cuban government to give 1.4 million copies of the Truth for Youth Bible to the youth of Cuba that have never had a Bible! This is historic! This will change the spiritual trajectory of the youth of Cuba and the nation of Cuba! Please be praying as this project is going to be an intricate part of setting Cuba on fire for Jesus!!!


It was such an honor to baptize new converts as they surrendered their hearts to Christ! Such a wonderful experience to be a part of baptizing people in the rivers of Cuba.

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to work side by side with such anointed pastors and spiritual leaders in Cuba to help bring this nation to the Lord! The unity among the churches was glorious. We truly experienced what Psalm 133 described, “behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity”. The team work modeled in the Cuban cities we were blessed to proclaim the Gospel in, will be reproduced to win the entire country of Cuba for Christ! We are strategically planning, preparing and praying for our next Cuba Crusade! Thank you for praying with us! Have a look at the pictures – they will give you some idea of what Jesus is in the process of doing in Cuba right now! To help provide Truth for Youth Bibles for the young people in Cuba you may use the enclosed envelope.


Revival Fires International and American Family Association partnered to reach America’s youth with the Word of God for our 18th Annual National Truth for Youth Bible Week on American Family Radio!

One free Truth for Youth Bible was given to every student between the ages of 13-18 who committed to pass it along to a friend in school not serving the Lord.

Along with the free Truth for Youth Bible, the students received an attractive wristband promoting the sixth commandment “You Shall Not Kill” (Exodus 20:13). The social media campaign hash tag “Number 6” (#Number6) is meant to reach young people with a message of life. We encouraged students to give away the free Bible and proudly wear the wristband to promote life among their friends. With the rise of school shootings, the need to return to the biblical view of life is urgent!

By including these wristbands we not only gave away thousands of Truth for Youth Bibles to teens but at the same time, promoted the sixth commandment; it’s more than a prohibition against murder, it’s a validation of life!!

AFR President Tim Wildmon said, “American Family Radio is always excited about our vital partnership with Dr. Tim Todd and Revival Fires International to get the living and powerful Word of God into the hands of young people who desire to share Christ with their friends at school. Thousands of teenagers have been saved through these efforts.”

The Truth for Youth Bible consists of the entire New Testament and includes full color graphic novels that present a Christian perspective on many of the issues that teens face, such as, School Violence, Sexual Purity, Homosexuality, Abortion, Pornography, Evolution, Drugs, Drunkenness, Peer Pressure, Honor, Suicide, Bullying, Sexting, Cutting, the Supernatural and Pluralism. God’s wonderful plan of salvation is incorporated into each of the stories. Student’s Legal Rights on Public School Campuses are displayed on the back cover of the TFY to inform school administrators and young people that they have the right to give Bibles away on campus during non-instructional time.The Truth for Youth Bible is also available in Spanish!

I am convinced that introducing young people to Jesus Christ is the only real solution to the senseless violence in our schools! When Bibles were in school bullets were not! Giving 2.5 million Truth for Youth Bibles to America’s youth has resulted in our ministry receiving more than 25,000 decision cards from young people giving their hearts to Christ!

Our goal with the distribution of the Truth for Youth Bible is to give young people an opportunity to share their faith, win a generation of young people to Christ and get the Word of God back into the public schools of America! To help provide Truth for Youth Bibles for the young people in America you may click here.